About Gateway

What is Gateway?

Gateway is a Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) game system that immerses the player in the mythical fantasy world of Gateway.

LARP is a fantasy adventure gaming experience that allows you, the player, to assume the persona of a make-believe character who lives in a make-believe fantasy world. Unlike board games and other tabletop based role-playing games, in a LARP environment, you actually physically take part in events. In effect, you become the character you are role-playing.

A Gateway Event

Gateway events are held at both indoor and outdoor sites throughout the UK. There are two main types of event run by Gateway.

Major Meets

These events begin on Friday evening and conclude on Sunday, with adventure and role-play periods scheduled throughout the event. These events are designed to cater to larger scale adventures, campaign growth and development, and to longer periods of role-playing your characters.

Mini Meets

These events are usually only a single day in length and again usually run over a weekend period. Most Mini Meets are designed to cater to quick adventures, and brief role-playing periods, with a few plot and campaign hooks thrown in for good measure.


Social events are just that; social. These occur between other events and give the club members a chance to get together and socialise in a friendly atmosphere as well as discuss the game world, recent events, their characters, or anything else that they wish to.