The World of Gateway

Maps of Gateway
   A collection of maps from the Canteel Continent. Full size maps are available in the Download section.

Histories of Gateway
   A collection of tales, old and new, of the deeds and exploits that have shaped the world of Gateway.

Poems of Gateway
   A collection of poems and songs, old and new, from around the world of Gateway.

Basic Character Info.
   A introduction to the starting character; their Hits, their class, and the skills available for them to purchase.

The Principalities
   A brief description to the Principalities of the Canteel Continent, where the game is played.

   A collection of some of the more prominent and powerful Heraldries to look out for in Gateway.

A Gateway Timeline
   A timeline of the major events that have shaped the World of Gateway.

A History of Gateway
  A summary of the Origins of Gateway and its earliest History

An Introduction to the World

You play a character born in the world of Gateway, a world shaped by history and war as much as the multiple racial and social heritages that have bonded together, to form the populated world today.

The Canteel Continent comprises of many nation states known as Principalities, each with its own unique social and cultural background. For the large part, these Principalities are at relative peace with each other, but tensions grow high occasionally between some, and diplomatic solutions are not always the first ones sought.

Despite the many different races that live across Gateway, society has evolved beyond that of the individual races and into a more unified regional society over the course of the last 1000 years, since the time of The Xyxix War.

There have been many events that have shaped the world, but the Xyxix war was probably the most significant as it was this long, 100 year war that raged across the world that broke down the barriers of race and unified the peoples into the modern social structures of today.

Eldrion Coat of Arms
The Eldrion Coat of Arms

The Principalities that were formed in the wake of the Xyxix War have grown and generally prospered, despite the attempts to conquer the lands by meglomaniacs such as Morton the Mad, or the devestation brought about by one such as the Shadow Lord during the War of Shadows.

One such Principality is Eldrion, a feudal kingdom ruled by Prince Adelleyas and governed by his Council of Lords.

Eldrion is one of the largest Principalities on the Canteel Continent and borders Cale Aran, Torban, Miedicia and Damarcus. Its capital is the city of Dar Garoth, a sprawling metropolis that sits along a stretch of the River Eldyr, and it is from here that the Prince rules.

The Barony of Farallon

As a starting character, you reside in the Barony of Farallon, within the Duchy of a Duke Stanvar, in the Principality of Eldrion. Bordering the Barony are the Baronies of Thanch (to the south-east), Persan (to the north-west) and Falstaff (to the East).

The Barony covers much arable land and crosses the river Brin, a river that eventually flows into the river Eldyr. The Barony comprises the four villages of Sharfeld, Dadan Mere, Durlowe, and Hanlea.

The Barony maintains its own militia in accordance to the laws of Eldrion, who effectively police and protect the Barony under the watchful eye of Captain Bannacheck (formerly Captain Sintra “Skar” Donner, a veteran soldier, who is currently on campaign for Duke Stanvar). The main barracks for the militia is situated on the outskirts of Daden Mere, with a smaller barracks at Hanlea and several ranger stations across the region.

The Maps of Gateway

The Villages

As with most villages in Eldrion, each is run by a local village council which is headed up by the duly elected Mayor. Wider local control falls under the jurisdiction of the Baron, who in turn yields to a Duke. The Dukes pay fealty to a Lord, who in turn are ruled over by the Prince of Eldrion.

The village of Hanlea can be found in the crook of the Hanlea Gorge, an area which the villagers of Hanlea have mined and quarried for generations. Hanlea is the provider of the region’s stone, but is not well known for its farm-lands. The mines in Hanlea go deep into the Gorge itself and even deeper underground. The Mayor of Hanlea is an Orc called Gantor Sontarg, who just happens to be the brother of the head of the village council and village blacksmith, Kastor Sontarg.

The village of Durlowe can be found on the border of the largest woods in the area, Durlowe Forrest, and survives through trading lumber and good quality carpentry. Durlowe Forest is infamous in the area and a part of it is known as the Haunted Wood. Durlowe is also known for its small vinyard where Durlowe Wine is produced under the careful watch of the Dwarven brewer Timas Echran, and for its hunting lodge run by the rangers Jamie and Eloise Tomalkin. Durlowe is governed by Mayor Dominus Natari, a Human and cousin to Captain Skar.

Dadan Mere
The Market Hall of Dadan Mere

The largest village in the area is Dadan Mere, situated across the river Brin from Sharfeld. Dadan Mere is a farming village, but concentrates in live-stock and is therefore the main producer of food for the area. Dadan Mere is also the central trade village for the Barony with both a trade post and a market which hosts annual trade fairs. Also within Dadan Mere can be found a small library run by Mistress Helain Mostar, a Lexicona, and an apothecary run by Ferius Aley’aan and Namaya. Mayoress Jelith Telysien, an Elf, governs Dadan Mere with a shrewed business sense that has helped the village prosper.

Finally, there is Sharfeld, situated across the river from Dadan Mere. It is here that all new characters will begin their journey into the world of Gateway.

The Village of Sharfeld

Sharfeld’s principle income is from the farming and trade of hay, crops and livestock. Although relatively prosperous, Sharfeld and its neighbours are still only a small community.

Sharfeld also hosts one of the largest inn’s in the area. The inn, owned by Elder Karl Hofl and wife Mistress Wilhemina Hofl, is run by Karl and his apprentices.

The village council often meets in the Inn as it actually doubles as the village’s meeting hall. The village council is made up of five people: Erlich Proust, an old Orc; Karl Hofl, a middle-aged Human; Selena Mostar, a middle-aged Elf; and Otto Hauer, an old Human with a bad temper. The fifth member is the Mayor.

Sharfeld also boasts a general store and an Articifer’s shop. The General store is the main port of call for those wishing to trade both to and from the village, and is supplied by several of the locals as well as trading from outside the village, whilst the taciturn Articifer Cornelian is able to imbue magical properties into items for the right fee…

The current Mayor of Sharfeld is a yound man named Charles Nupri. He is the son of the former Mayor who died in the winter of 1341GR. Charles is known to consult with the village council on all important decisions, and many not so important.

The village smithy is run by Erlich Proust, a retired soldier who has returned to the trade he learned before joining the army of Duke Stanvar. Helping him are his apprentices, chief of whom is Damarron.

Baron Farallon’s coat of Arms
Baron Farallon’s Coat of Arms

It is from Sharfeld that the Skyseer Elven family originates. Vintra, the matron, was once the local wise woman and healer, a role now passed on to her daughter Var. Her other daughters, Shannon, and Freya, are the principle midwives and healers for the the other villages; Freya in Hanlea, and Shannon in Durlowe. Sharfeld is tended to by Alphonse, a young elf who himself was trained by the former apprentice to Var Skyseer.

Captain Skar of the Duchal Army and once Sherriff of the Barony, also calls Sharfeld home, though his duties often take him far away. The current Sherrif is Captain Banachek of the militia, an elf who’s family have lived in the area for two generations.

And then of course, there is old Ebran, who lives just on the outskirts of the village and, despite claiming to covet his privacy, is still willing to spend months on end teaching Essense to those willing to learn.

Notable NPCs

The following is a list of notable NPCs (non-player characters) who may be interacted with during game time.

Prominent NPC Individuals Prominent NPC Families
Baron Farallon (Human) Arlinson (Human)
Mayor Charles Nupri (Human) Halast (Human)
Elder Koulk (Orc) Mostar (Elf)
Elder Hofl (Human) Sontarg (Orc)
Elder Mostar (Elf) Rienhardt (Orc)
Elder Hauer (Human) Gronar (Grelf)
Mistress Hofl (Human) Palen (Human)
Mistress Skyseer (Elf) Stonegard (Dwarf)
Mistress Var (Elf) Von Schiver (Human)
Mistress Shannon (Elf) Elgin (Elf)
Mistress Freya (Elf)
Master Proust (Orc)
Captain Skar (Human)
Cpt. Banacheck (Elf)
Renton Haynes (Dwarf)
Anders Mochran (Human)
Artus Poll (Human)
Master Bard Peregrin (Human)
Jarred Korvix (Human)
Djarrin Storyweaver (Aariel)
Ebran (Human)


The currency of the realm is most commonly seen in two kinds: a hard currency called Marks; and smaller value Groats, more often used as a part of a bartering and service trade society that is indicative of the villages throughout Gateway. Rarer and more valueable coins are sometimes used in the city and are often seen by the nobility.

Although there is no set exchange rate between the two main coins, a character’s ability to barter and their current location within the game world will yield somewhere between 3 and 8 Groats to 1 Mark. Most local level trade is dealt with in Groats whereas larger trade, especially in cities, is conducted using Marks.

Monthly Taxes paid to the Baron are expected to be paid in Marks.